Why I'm writing in English now and why I will be posting on Pixnet

From today, every dun4real post will also be posted in Chinese on Taiwan blog hosting site Pixnet.

It has certainly been a disappointment to post on Chinese social media sites like Sina Weibo where I got one account blocked, and another account's posts basically not visible to anyone. No one from Sina has taken the time to explain the reason to me despite multiple appeals to them, through 3 different Weibo accounts, via messages, in app, on the web, through phone... All the ways didn't work. It's frustrating. And hurting.

It's disappointing to me because, even though I had long tried to lower my dependence on Weibo, I never expected thousands of posts and so many connections and audiences to be lost overnight, maybe only because I stood for something and cared about something and posted a link to Dr. Ai's interview during the horrible pandemic in China. Lives were lost, families were apart, and we couldn't say a word about it or we don't get to speak another word.

Lately I have been posting in English not for attracting anyone speaking English, but because it's the language I feel comfortable writing in. It's also because I find it odd to write this stuff in Chinese, like Chinese pop music stuff should just be about having fun or be about drama or pitting one another or spending money on concerts then showing off, instead of maybe just writing a fact and not have any drama.

Writing in Chinese makes me feel strange, like I'm a minority, like I'm not supposed to do so. In my years of experience of telling the story of the band, I have always felt awkward with every word I typed, like these posts don't belong here on Chinese Internet. When I finally write these stories in English, I feel free. Like when I'm posting these stuff in English, it's just normal, like I'm no different than anyone else who would write these stories.

I'm glad I finally found my language. I'm also thankful for Deepl who can translate English stuff to Chinese correctly with a click.








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