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Twitter thinks Tyler Joseph is racist
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Twitter thinks Tyler Joseph is racist

Fans spotted that typing in "tyler joseph" in the search bar of Twitter gives back results of "tyler joseph blm" and "tyler joseph racist", which is bad, of course. Bandito Hub decided to do something about it: they are going to share a new quote everyday from today and they will try to get it trending, in the hopes that these "new quotes" will replace what is on the search suggestions.

comment: I'm not sure if trending something will change the search suggest. Don't know about Twitter but Google suggests stuff based on how many searches were conducted with the keyword not how many webpages with the keyword exists. So unless you encourage people to search "tyler joseph xxx (for example, 'is not racist')", the suggestions won't just go away.

And, again, Tyler Joseph is not racist. He has literally participated in #TheShowMustBePaused and has posted videos on Instagram stories voicing support for black people's rights. People really need to stop lying and be honest about who he is.