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top__today 发现乐队制作《Vessel》的录音室 Rocket Carousel Studio 离圣莫尼卡只有几个街区远。可能乔什和泰勒正在录音室录音,他们的老婆、女朋友和狗就去沙滩遛弯了。

WOAH WOAH, remember the “Studio Preview” video that was filmed while they were producing Vessel? this studio is Rocket Carousel Studio and is located only a few blocks from santa monica. jordan, jim, and jenna were at santa monica while tyler and josh PRODUCED MUSIC.

— top today (@top__today) May 6, 2018

他今天还发表了一个新的理论。 上面这张小女孩的图实际上是她和那位发明了空集符号的数学家的合影。而这位数学家的生日就是五月六日,也就是比马克思晚一天。

one picture featured on the entire site is this photo of a child. the entire photo depicts the child standing next to mathematician andré weil, with a birthday on May 6th. this may be a weird way of evidence, but there truly is no other explanation for it

— top today (@top__today) May 6, 2018

FM 106.5 一名电台主播说:“看起来七月份很适合飞行员粉丝。特别是黑色星期五。”

THEY SAID “Looks like July is a good month for Twenty one pilot fans. Friday the 13th specifically” and then played heathens 👀

— dray🤩 (@processroom) May 5, 2018

以下是昨天的。某人的妈妈去了 Google 搜索了“east is up”,然后神奇地找到了一些引人深思的内容。

my mom looked up “east is up” and sent me this quote from an article

— amy (@theoretictyler) May 2, 2018

top__today 也去 Google 搜索了一下“east is up”。他找到了一个印度的州,并说印度就是寂静塔文化盛行的国家之一。

with just a simple google search for “East Is Up” the first result was Uttar Pradesh, an indian state. remember that india was one of the cultures that used the towers of silence in ritual. maybe there’s something important about uttar pradesh.

— top today (@top__today) May 5, 2018

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还有一张照片。“beach boys”。