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今天是 hiatus counter 结束的第五天。依然没有什么新的消息。

this is tyler joseph’s personality all in one

— neeharika (@selfttiled) April 25, 2018

泰勒说他有五个 Twitter 账号,这是真的吗?

both tyler and josh unfollowed kanye in september 2015 a couple days after he started talking abt his support for donnie trumpie.. oof

— ‏ً (@mrgrne) April 25, 2018

泰勒和乔什都取关了坎耶,因为他从 2015 年就开始讲他多么支持川普。

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding Dema!! This was super fun to make. (It’s long, so bare with me)

— jenn #TØPtoVirginia (@virginiapilots) April 25, 2018


|EAST•IS•UP|@twentyonepilots @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun #cliqueart #dema

— Layla (@Odetodraw) April 25, 2018

以“East Is Up”为主题创作的艺术。