The statue in dema is promoting suicide, according to a fan

There was a statue in the "Nico And The Niners" music video at the very end. @StressedClancy noted that the statue's true meaning is to promote suicide - the man is actually holding a noose around his neck, attempting to hang himself. As frequently mentioned in Clancy's journal and Tyler's explanation, Valism, which is Dema's religion, thinks suicide is the ultimate way for a person to fulfill his/her influence on the society.

在 "Nico And The Niners" MV的最后,有一座雕像。@StressedClancy指出,这个雕像的真正含义是在宣扬自杀--这个人其实是在脖子上套着套索,正在试图上吊自杀。如同 Clancy 的日志和 Tyler 的解释中经常提到,作为 Dema 的宗教,Valism 认为自杀是一个人完成他/她对社会影响力的终极方式。

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