Read Tyler Joseph's statement on his "platform tweet"
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Read Tyler Joseph's statement on his "platform tweet"

Tyler Joseph addressed his "platform tweet" in his Christmas party streaming on Dec. 8. Here's what he said.

A few months ago, I tweeted out a tweet that was kind of poking fun at "using your platform", and I want to take the opportunity, the moment, to apologize and to say that I’m sorry, and that it was wrong, I shouldn’t have done it. I see now how it could have hurt some people, and it did hurt people. You can even ask my parents. Ever since I was little, it’s always been a little tough for me to admit when I’m wrong, and this is me admitting that I was wrong.

I wish I could take it back, but I can’t, and I’m truly sorry. I hope you can forgive me for it. I know some people will feel that this is not enough of an apology, and I understand that, and it’s OK. And I guess, because of some of the realness of the reaction to it—there’s a philosophy that if you don’t publicly talk about the threats and the doxing that it will maybe just go away, and if you talk about it, it might ramp up and happen more—not just threats to me, but my family—my wife and my daughter. And so what I want to do is, I want to clear something up in hopes that that happens less or at least stops happening altogether.

I know that I’m not a racist person. I know that about myself. Not just because of the words that I say, or what I say outwardly, but also because of my actions. When I just out of high school, I got a job working at a sports camp. It was an all summer long thing. I was about 20 years old, and I was a camp counselor and everyone that was a part of the camp were younger inner city kids, and it was something that I fell in love with. Yes, I got paid to do it - I mean minimum wage - but at the end of that summer, I realized I love this outreach - I love the ability to go into the inner city where kids may not have all the resources that some other kids have and providing that. And then a few years later, when our band first started making money - I think it was 2016, about five years ago - one of the first things I did was I made a non-profit. I founded it and funded it. That nonprofit is happening today. It's still going, and it's something that means a lot to me. we go into the inner city. And we hand select some kids out of schools to be a part of a camp. we do two camps a year. I want to thank Ohio state campus university for letting us use their facilities - It wouldn't be possible without that. and we introduce these kids to college coaches, college players, also life coaches, and guidance counselors, and to hopefully give them the tools, to not only excel and propel their career in sports, but even more than that.

This is something I’ve been doing for five years now since 2016, and I’ve never gone public about it. I’ve never asked for you guys to fund it. I’ve never asked to help with the with the ability of making it work financially - I’ve just kind of taken that all on myself. And I’ve never really promoted it, because that wasn't the point - the point was the outreach; the point was the impact, and that's truly all I was interested in. I want you to know that I’m an advocate for, an ally of, and a supporter of black lives in ways that you may never know.

Now listen, I’m not talking about this as an excuse for what I’ve done and what I’ve said and what I’ve tweeted. I still come back around and know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it, and I’m sorry. I hear some people say: I’ve grown up listening to you; I’ve grown up with you guys. I’ve been in this band for over 10 years, and the truth is, I’ve grown up with you, and how can you not be a different person after 10 years? How can you not change and learn and become better? So I hope that you allow me to utilize what happened  as another way for me to learn to grow and become better.

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Watch the video where he addressed the issue on YouTube.

Chinese version: 阅读泰勒·约瑟夫关于他 "平台 tweet "的声明。

几个月前,我发了一条 tweet,拿"利用你的平台"这句话开了玩笑,我想借着这个机会和这个时刻向大家道歉,告诉大家我很抱歉,这是不对的,我不应该这么做。我现在明白了,这条 tweet 会如何伤害到一些人,而且它确实伤害到了一些人。你甚至可以问我的父母。从小到大,我总是有些不愿意承认自己错了。而现在我要承认自己错了。




听着,我并不是在为我的所作所为、所言所语、所发的 tweet 找借口。我还是回过神来,知道自己错了。我不应该这样做,我很抱歉。我听到有些人说:我是听着你们的音乐长大的;我和你们一起长大。我在这个乐队里呆了10多年。事实上,我是和你们一起长大的。10年了,你怎么能不变成一个不同的人呢?你怎么能不改变,不学习,不变得更好呢?所以我希望你允许我利用发生的事情,作为我学习成长和变得更好的另一种方式。