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对 joseph 争议推文的个人回应
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对 joseph 争议推文的个人回应

尊重一个艺术家意味着相信他能用 "黑人的生命很重要 "这样的字眼以外的形式来表达他的情感。
  • JOSEPH 非对人权问题保持沉默,他只是没有每天都在推特上发表意见。
  • 在我看来,他的追随者们希望他做的事情是很蹩脚的,或者说不是人所能做到的。 在百万人的注视下,发自内心地写下对社会问题的看法是很难的。对于那些不努力想问清楚他们每句话是否真心的人,这不难。
  • 仅仅就社会问题发言并不难,每个有心人都可以做到。但你是真的在用你想说的方式说你想说的东西,还是你只是因为你觉得你应该这么做?
  • 虽然保持沉默不是犯罪,但拖住一个在某些事情上沉默的人是找不到借口的。
  • 还有......如果你真的关心人权,你绝对不会把重点放在 "发个链接 "上,这几乎是最廉价最方便的方式来表示对事的支持,然后你就不会有任何麻烦了,这几乎就像你不真的想谈论这个问题一样 - 真的谈论和思考这个事,而不仅是表示对它的支持。
  • 我可以看到白人如何将他们的罪恶感投射到一个公众人物身上,这并没有让事情变得更好。
  • 白人有原罪,我们都有。背负沉重的负担,做任何你能拯救自己的事情,只是不要把你的重担给别人。
  • 尊重一个艺术家意味着相信他能用 "黑人的生命很重要 "这样的字眼以外的形式来表达他的情感。

  • joseph is not silent on human rights matter. he just did not tweet about it every day.
  • what his followers want him to do is lame, or not humanly possible, in my opinion. writing from your heart to talk about social issues while watched by million of people is hard. it's not hard for people who don't try really hard to ask if they are genuine.
  • it's not hard to just speak on social issues. everyone who has a heart can do that. but do you really want to say the things you say the exact way you want to say it, or do you just do it because you feel like you are supposed to?
  • while it's not a crime to stay silent, no excuses can be found for dragging someone who is silent on certain matters.
  • and ... if you really care about human rights, you would definitely not put the focus on "posting a link". it's almost the cheapest and most convenient way to show the support for a cause and then you have no trouble. it would almost be like you don't really want to talk about the issue. like really talk and think about the cause. not just show support for it.
  • calling out a white man for his race is racist by its definition. and i can see how white people project their guilt onto a public figure. it doesn't make anything better.
  • white people have original sins. we all do. carry the weight, do whatever you can to savior yourself. just don't give your weight to someone else. dont guilt other people.
  • and. respecting an artist means trusting him to convery his emotions in forms other than words like "black lives matter".