New single "Shy Away" released; Live tickets, band merch, album pre-order, BBC interview & more

What was once thought as a joke turned out to be a brand new twenty one pilots era; With "Shy Away" appearing on charts on the Warner Chappelll Website, and colour banners appearing everywhere around the world (even in Hong Kong, but except mainland China, or course), it's hard to not take this as a serious album announcement.

Then, the next day, Apr. 7, something happened. One person reported on Twitter that he/she heard WNCI 97.9 announced that twenty one pilots new single will be released on 1:00 pm. Another person echoed this by saying his/her father who worked at iHeartRadio is aware of a new single by them at 1:00 pm.

Fans also became aware that, Apr. 6 was the 1000th day since "Jumpsuit" released. So it makes sense for the band to release a new track on the 1001st day.

At around 12:00, fans found out the new album started pre-order on a French shopping website, The track list was also released. No way this was a fake album now.

Then at 1:00 pm, the song "Shy Away" released, the video released; new album starts pre-order; merch images that you cannot buy starts floating on the web (hoodies, boxes, ...); a live show at is on sale for only $20 - it's going to stream on at 8:00 pm EDT on May. 21.

Tyler did an interview with BBC Radio 1's with "Shy Away" as the "Hottest Record", saying that he started writing the track as a tutorial "on how to how to lay out a song", then "became a letter of advice to his brother" Jay Joseph (who recently released a record of his own); He also said the new album is "more colourful" with him "in a more positive headspace" and this new album cover was inspired by a toy dinosaur in his recording studio.

Joseph said,

"So I've been staring at this [dragon] dude and if I can get to a place where... all of a sudden, he can grow and fly around the room, then I am transported to a completely different place. It really is the power of creativity, the power of imagination and, ultimately, the power of music. And that's something that I'm experimenting with on this record."

原本以为是个笑话,结果却是一个全新的二十一飞行员时代;"Shy Away "出现在Warner Chappelll网站的排行榜上,彩色横幅出现在世界各地(甚至在香港,但中国大陆除外,当然)。

然后,第二天,4月7日,出事了。一个人在Twitter上报告说,他/她听到WNCI 97.9宣布二十一飞行员的新单曲将在下午1:00发布。另一个人也表示,他/她在iHeartRadio工作的父亲知道他们的新单曲将在下午1:00发布。



然后下午1点,歌曲《Shy Away》发布,视频发布;新专辑开始预购;网络上开始飘出买不到的商品图片(帽衫、盒子......);在live.twentyonepilots.com的现场表演只卖20美元--将于美国东部时间5月8点在live.twentyonepilots.com直播。

泰勒以《Shy Away》作为 "最热单曲 "接受了Radio 1《最热唱片》的采访,他说自己写这首歌是作为 "如何布置歌曲 "的教程,然后 "成了给弟弟 "杰伊-约瑟夫(Jay Joseph,最近他自己也出了一张唱片)的建议信;他还说新专辑 "更加丰富多彩",他 "头脑更加积极",而这张新专辑封面的灵感来自于他录音室里的一只玩具恐龙。


  • 泰勒在USB视频中穿着一件印有 "Good Day Dema "标志的外套,直到现在才有人发现。
  • 所以商品在live.twentyonepilots.com和store.twentyonepilots.com上都有销售;但美国版的商品店目前只卖CD,而EU/UK/AU的网店则有T恤、磁带等捆绑销售。
  • 在live.twentyonepilots.com上,目前有6件商品在售;但有通知说 "商品1 4月14日 "和 "Shy Away胶囊系列4月12日发售"。

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