My thoughts on Chinese social media

Social media was supposed to be a good thing for China, but turns out it's the worst thing ever.

I have been away from Weibo for the last couple months.

And today I scrolled through the site to discover what people said about the Tyler Joseph incident, and it was traumatizing. Like always, it's the same hate comments against "political correctness" & "black lives matter". On this subject, I think Chinese people's voices on YouTube and Weibo are really coming together. It's the voice of Chinese people on social media.

Social media was supposed to be a good thing for China, but turns out it's the worst thing ever. Lately I have understood that voices on social media sites tend to be more intense, more conservative and more toxic than the real society. These sites, their algorithms are designed to be this way, for shocking comments to get more views, unreal tweets to get more views, so that ads clients get more money, and they get more money.

Social media is not a place for you to get better mentally. I have been targeted by toxic people on Weibo and WeChat. People have hurt or even killed themselves because of threats or hurtful comments on social media sites. They mess with your head and make you more depressed than you already are. I don't want to see these cold-hearted, toxic or horrible people around me, on my device, in my eyes. I'm not meant to know them, and I don't need to. I can get rid of them, just by not visiting social media sites, by not following anyone.

And I think for the majority of people, get away from social media, if you can. It kills, literally.

p.s. I know perhaps someone reported me to Weibo because they don't want to see me on Weibo. That's why my original account was banned. Good news: I'm sick and tired of social media and I want nothing out of it. If you don't wanna see me, that is fine. In the following years, I plan to keep my activity there to the minimal.


今天,我浏览了一下网站,去看一看人们对泰勒·约瑟夫事件的评价,这让我精神上受創了。和以往一样,都是针对 "政治正确"&"黑人生命重要 "的仇恨言论。在这个问题上,我觉得中国人在 YouTube 和微博上的声音真的達成了統一。这是中文社交媒体的声音。





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