My take on twenty one pilots' logo

It's commonly believed that the initial idea for the band's logo came from their "Regional At Best" (2011) album cover, where two kids on the left and right and two others in the middle gave a |-/ shape, which later inspired Mark and Tyler to create the official logo for the band. Even though the album was made with the original band members, only Josh and Tyler were in the band when the record dropped, which made it a two-man band. And I think the fact that the two became this band really gave the logo a new meaning. I believe that "|" and "/" stands for Tyler and Josh, and the "-" in between maybe is what connects them together as a band, maybe it stands for the stage, idk.

The logo had an extra circle covering everything in the Blurryface area. And in the Trench area, it got even more cover, with two extra lines. According to Tyler, it stands for "extra layers of protection", and represents "the feeling of being surrounded by something that's protecting you", which echoes this line from "Holding on to You": "You are surrounding all my surrounding." And this line was understood as him saying that his faith is what protects him. The extra layer also echoes the first single "Jumpsuit" from the 2018 album, which is a metaphor of the faith protecting him and Josh from danger.

Tyler has constantly expressed his concerns over a two-man band, and he definitely needs more assurance and protection to go on with his and Josh's career. I believe the circle around them two could also represent the crowd, the fans who are rooting for them and giving them the power to go on on the stage. It can also be any friend, family members who are giving them love and support - as was shown as "Banditoes" in the Trench music videos.

Another guess is that the two extra lines stands for Jenna and Debby. It can be lonely to go on tour as a two-man band, but as a matter of fact, Jenna accompanies Tyler on the Bandito Tour. And with Josh's engagement and later marriage happening, two people actually became four people, as was evident in the "Level of Concern" video.

我对 twenty one pilots 乐队徽标的看法

一般认为,乐队标志的最初创意来自于他们的《Regional At Best》(2011)专辑封面,左右两个孩子和中间另外两个孩子呈现出一个|-/的形状,后来马克和泰勒受到启发,为乐队设计了官方标志。尽管这张专辑是由原乐队成员参与制作的,但唱片发行时只有Josh和Tyler在乐队中,这就使它成为了一支两人的乐队。而我认为两人成为这个乐队的事实,确实赋予了这个标志新的意义。我相信"|"和"/"代表着Tyler和Josh,而中间的"-"也许是连接他们两个乐队的东西,也许是代表着舞台,不知道。

在Blurryface時期,logo多了一个圆圈,覆盖了一切。而在Trench時期,它得到了更多的覆盖,多了两条线。按照泰勒的说法,它代表着 "额外的保护层",代表着 "被某种东西包围着保护着你的感觉",这与《Holding on to You》中的这句话相呼应:"你包围着我的一切";而这句话被理解为他说他的信仰是保护他的东西。多出的一层意思也与2018年专辑中的第一首单曲《Jumpsuit》相呼应,这是信仰保护他和Josh免受危险的隐喻。

泰勒不断地表达着自己对二人乐队的担忧,他和乔什的事业肯定需要更多的保证和保护来走下去。我相信围绕着他们两个的圆圈也可以代表观众,代表那些支持他们,给他们上台的力量的歌迷。也可以是任何给他们爱和支持的朋友、家人--就像在Trench音乐录影带中表现为 "匪徒 "一样。

另一种猜测是,这两个額外的線代表Jenna和Debby。作为一个两人的乐队去巡演可能会很孤独,但事实上,Jenna陪着Tyler一起参加匪幫世界巡演。而随着乔什订婚和后来结婚的发生,两个人其实变成了四个人,这一点在《Level of Concern》视频中就能看出来。

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