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Jenna Joseph 回顾泰勒困在德玛的这一年
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Jenna Joseph 回顾泰勒困在德玛的这一年

很多人认为泰勒离开的这一年是去睡大觉或者出去玩了,但 Jenna Joseph 告诉我们,事实并非如此。

Jenna Joseph 在她的 Instagram 帖文中发布了九张来自新歌 “Jumpsuit” 录影带的拍摄照。





Whatever I will say cannot paint a true picture of what I have seen this past year from Tyler. It has been extreme all the whilst he’s shown diligence, modesty, and swag.

Tyler has worked every night to get back to you guys as soon as he could. watching him create has fueled me. I’ve felt overwhelmed for him even though I knew he’d finish big. Friends, he just LOVES it! An album, a show, a story all from his pretty brain. I cannot tell you how many meetings we were late to because he’s in his studio completely lost in the music. this video is a small portion of Tyler and Josh showing you whats to come. Can you believe we went to Iceland to shoot Jumpsuit?!

ask me in person about all the deets from visiting Iceland because you know I have them.


Bonus: 珍娜还发了快拍,记录自己在冰岛吃草的经历。

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