is "terminating files" and band logo disappears from Twitter banner

Clikkies had a roughly exciting day on this year's Easter Day when they found out website was updated in more than 2 years (last update was January 22, 2019). Everything on the webpage was inverted and the top of the page wrote "//Terminating Files..." followed by a file name (Most of them are random, according to DiscordClique). There was a bar below it, and it was slowing increasing with time passing.

While the background is all black, if you choose any text/image, it's highlighted in orange.

What is also orange is the original color of this image. In the webpage, it looked blue, but if you open the direct link of the image, it's orange.

Fans also noted how a tweet about "Never wear blu" was tweeted by @blurryface exactly five years from today.

After this was discovered, "clancy" began trending in US at #18, with over 4k tweets talking about it.

Fans were quickly reminded that in the "never ending music video" there was a sign "4 ||"; it's clear that it means Apr 2nd, which is exactly today.

After some research and calculation, Discord Clique found out that the top bar is expected to fill on Monday Apr. 5th at 3 pm EDT. A Twitter account was created to report the progress bar status.

Soon after this, fans found that @blurryface liked a tweet. It's the first time this account has been active since 4 years ago. The tweet was made by @shlofolina
, saying that flash drive video "clancy is dead" was an "announcement" and "warning" by the bishops that they have found out; and then "vialism happened to clancy", hinting that he killed himself.

@blurryface liking this tweet could be taken as it's correct. And last time the account liking a tweet was to suggest "Trench" album theme.

Two days ago, on Mar. 31, after several weeks' change (fifth desaturation), the logo was finally gone from the band account's banner.

The whole progress looked like this.

To conclude: a new era is coming. Wait for it.

Clikkies在今年的复活节过了一个激动人心的日子,他们发现dmaorg.info网站在2年多的时间里进行了首次更新(最后一次更新是2019年1月22日)。网页上所有的颜色都是反了过来,页面上方写着"//终结文件中...... "后面跟着一个文件名(据DiscordClique说,大部分都是随机名称)。下面有一个进度条,随着时间的流逝,它在缓慢增加。



粉丝们还注意到,在距离今天整整5年的时候,@模糊的脸发了一条关于 "永远不要穿蓝 "的推文。

这件事被发现后,"clancy "在美国的趋势开始上升到第18位,有超过4千条微博在谈论它。

粉丝们很快就想到,在 "永无停止的MV "中,有一个标志 "4||";很明显,它的意思是4月2日,正好是今天。

经过研究和计算,Discord Clique发现,进度条预计将在美国东部时间4月5日星期一下午3点充满。于是在推特上建立了一个账号来报告进度条的情况。

不久之后,粉丝们发现@模糊的脸赞了一条推特。这是这个账号自4年前以来首次活跃。这条微博是@shlofolina发的,说U盘视频 "clancy已死 "是主教们的 "公告 "和 "警告",他们已经查清了;然后 "clancy发生了vialism",暗示他自杀了。

@模糊的脸点赞这条微博,可以认为是正确的。而上一次该账号点赞微博是为了暗示 "Trench "专辑主题。




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