Tyler is working on the band's next album, apparently

Tyler posted a 2-sec video on Instagram, announcing that he is working on the next album of twenty one pilots.

"I'm working on the album" via tylerrjoseph on IG from twentyonepilots

The same day Josh reveals how they are working on this new project, in an interview. Josh is in Los Angeles and Tyler is in his hometown, Ohio. They work in separate studios and send stuff to each other through Internet. Because they don't have anyone else help, Josh suspects that the album gap will be longer than normal. Which is the opposite of what Tyler told Zane back in May.

We do not yet know what exactly is in the next twenty one pilots album, but we do know it's about the guy Clancy, who Tyler has been reluctant to say a single word about. And we also know that Clancy is dead, at least it's what is written on TV.

泰勒在 Instagram 上发布了一段2秒的视频,宣布自己正在制作二十一飞行员的下一张专辑。

同一天,Josh 在接受采访时透露了他们是如何进行这个新项目的。Josh 在洛杉矶,Tyler 在家乡俄亥俄州。他们在不同的工作室工作,并通过互联网互相发送东西。因为他们没有其他人的帮助,Josh 怀疑专辑空白期会比正常情况下长。这与 Tyler 在 5 月份告诉 Zane 的情况正好相反。


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