"Select(ed) fans ... received flash drives in the mail after being amongst the first to find the final code in the LOC game (in) June", according to @TOPUPDATERS.

"Upon completing code 20, there was a form that asked for people's addresses, the first 500 people to enter their address would receive a USB, these have arrived today." Spark_Visuals said.

"All files from the flash drives" were uploaded to WeTransfer and can be downloaded within 7 days via this link. It contains "Trench" artwork (.ai & .psd), "Blurryface" videos (.mov), unreleased demos, and two videos shot by Tyler and Josh.

USB drive content

Several demos from the drive, including "Disco" were uploaded to YouTube. From the folder name "Old Demos 2011", they seems to be from the RAB era.

"Old Demos 2011"

Tyler & Josh both shot a video for this USB drive, to show gratitude to their dedicated fans. Both videos were uploaded to YouTube (1, 2).

Spark pointed out that, "in the background of tylers video, the TV lights up with LOC glyphs, which when translated read 'CLANCY IS DEAD'".

Notice that, back in March 2019, Tyler hinted to NME that Clancy will "plays a huge role in the narrative" of their follow-up album to Trench.

All media can be found at this YouTube playlist.

Read more about this on this Reddit discussion.


"完成代码20后,有一张表格,要求大家输入地址,前500名输入地址的人会收到一个USB,这些今天已经到了。" Spark_Visuals说。

U盘中的所有文件都被上传到了WeTransfer上,可以在7天内通过这个链接下载。它包含 "Trench "的艺术作品(.ai和.psd),"Blurryface "视频(.mov),未发布的demo,以及Tyler和Josh拍摄的两个视频。

Spark指出,"在tylers视频的背景中,电视上亮起了LOC字样,翻译过来就是'CLANCY IS DEAD'"。

硬盘中的几段demo,包括 "Disco "被上传到了YouTube。从文件夹名 "Old Demos 2011 "来看,它们似乎是RAB时代的作品。

Tyler和Josh都为这个U盘拍摄了一段视频,以表达对他们忠实粉丝的感谢。两段视频都上传到了YouTube(1, 2)。

Spark指出,"在tylers视频的背景中,电视上亮起了LOC字符,翻译过来就是'CLANCY IS DEAD'"。

注意,早在2019年3月,泰勒就向NME暗示,克兰西将在他们的后续专辑《Trench》中 "扮演一个巨大的角色"。