twenty one pilots new album name and date announced by Nico & DMA ORG

Normally when a new record is to release, the band do the announcement. This time it's different though. After the countdown of clancy's page on is over at 3 pm EDT, @blurryface tweeted out the name of the band's new record - "Scaled And Icy" - this time, no crypted message involved.

Everything on Clancy's page is gone. "Account Terminated", the page said, for "in violation of terms established by The Sacred Municipality of Dema, and deemed contraband material." It meant that Clancy registered a secret account on this blog site "DMAORG" but unfortunately Clancy's content are bad and unhealthy, and to protect the society and the people, his account has been suspended, with law and order!

Account Terminated

The page you are looking for has been removed from our servers. The account was in violation of terms established by The Sacred Municipality of Dema, and deemed contraband material. Disciplinary action has been taken, and the offender no longer has access to this account Further actions have been taken to ensure these violations will not occur again. Anyone attempting to access or share any contraband material will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws set forth by DMA ORG and The Sacred Municipality of Dema.

Infraction No. 9.19

It was soon discovered that 9.19 means "clancyisdead" in alphabet (A = 1, B = 2, etc). (credit: @discordclique) And when you click on the "o" in the "offender" (credit), three posters would pop out (image link: 1, 2, 3), one after another, announcing the band's new record, "Scaled And Icy" to be released on May. 21, 2021 along with a performance livestream. The "Compass E Pitchfork" appeared as the new symbol of this new record. a FPE sign is spelled as "feature performance event".

By zooming in the image, it was found that the album consists of these tracks:

Good Day - Smoker - Shy Away - The Outside - Saturday - Never Take It. (credit)

A new site was also found: There are at least 2 pages on this site: (credit)

(And, hours after the site came up, everything on this site turned to a burning fire, with pink and blue colour on the edge.)

After early excitement, fans soon became skeptical about the release annoucement.

First, it was found that "Scaled And Icy" actually means that "Clancy is dead" if you change the spelling order. The same message first appeared on TV - where propaganda happens. If you only keep the capital alphabets, it became "SAI"; and remember when twenty one pilots reminded you that "Sai is propaganda"? So either it means the album is fake, or "clancy is dead" is not true. (credit)

Second, on the bottom right corner of the poster, there was a "Good Day Dema" and a "Production by DMA ORG" mark. It is revealed that "views and opinions expressed on this program is those of ... Dema" and "content provided during this filmed performance event is property of DMA ORG". (credit) Fans concluded that twenty one pilots are controlled by Dema and they are used by Dema as propaganda.

Third, the album cover (seen on the poster and the dragon page) which features a dragon has secret wording "destroy" and a map of the Clancy Way.

Last but not least, Tyler and Josh are not themselves on the poster. Apart from a secret |-/ on one of the poster, this poster showing Tyler jumping and Josh measuring can be interpreted as "when i say 'jump', you say 'how high?'" (credit).

In fact, nearly 80% of the fans said they don't trust there is an actual album to be released called "Scaled And Icy". Fans concluded that, this is still part of a game.

Stuff in the poster:

To be continued. (I have to go read "Call My By Your Name" now.)

一般来说,新唱片要发行的时候,都是由乐队来宣布。不过这次不同。在美国东部时间下午3点,clancy在dmorg.info上的页面倒计时结束后,@blurryface在推特上公布了乐队新唱片的名字--"Scaled And Icy",这次没有涉及任何加密信息。

Clancy页面上的一切都消失了。页面上写着 "账户被终止",原因是 "违反了德玛圣城制定的条款,被视为违禁品"。意思是克兰西在这个博客网站 "DMAORG "上注册了一个秘密账号,但遗憾的是克兰西的内容都是不良的、不健康的,为了保护社会和人民,他的账号已经被暂停,有法可依!"账号终止 "是什么意思呢?


你要找的网页已从我们的服务器上删除。该账号违反了德玛圣城制定的条款,被视为违禁品。我们已经采取了纪律处分,违规者不再拥有该账户的访问权。我们已经采取进一步的行动,以确保这些违规行为不再发生。任何试图访问或分享任何违禁材料的人都将受到DMA ORG和德玛圣城规定的最大程度的法律起诉。

很快就发现, 9.19在字母表中的意思是 "clancyisdead"(A=1,B=2等)。信用:@discordclique)而当你点击 "冒犯者 "中的 "o"时,就会弹出三张海报(图片链接:1、2、3),陆续宣布乐队新唱片《Scaled And Icy》将于5月。21日,2021年以及演出直播。"Compass E Pitchfork "作为这张新唱片的新标志出现了。"FPE "标志拼成了 "特色演出活动"。


Good Day - Smoker - Shy Away - The Outside - Saturday - Never Take It.


  •。粉丝们在看到这个之后,开始猜测可能会有一首名为 "Shy Away "的新单曲。



先是发现 "Scaled And Icy "其实是指 "Clancy is dead",如果改变拼写顺序的话。同样的信息首先出现在电视上--宣传会出现的地方。如果你只保留大写字母,就变成了 "SAI";还记得二十一飞行员提醒你 "Sai是宣传 "吗?所以,要么说明专辑是假的,要么说明 "clancy已死 "不是真的。

其次,在海报的右下角,有 "Good Day Dema "和 "Production by DMA ORG "的标记。据透露,"本节目中所表达的观点和意见为......Dema的观点和意见","本次拍摄的表演活动中所提供的内容为DMA ORG的财产。Dema","本次拍摄的表演活动中提供的内容为DMA ORG的财产"。粉丝们得出结论,二十一名飞行员是由Dema控制的,他们被Dema用来做宣传。

第三,以龙为主题的专辑封面(在海报和龙页上看到的)上有 "毁灭 "的秘密字样和克兰西之路的地图。

最后,泰勒和乔什在海报上没有自己的身影。除了其中一张海报上有秘密的|-//,这张海报上泰勒在跳,乔什在量,可以理解为 "当我说'跳'的时候,你说'多高'?" (信用)。

事实上,近八成的歌迷表示不相信有一张真正的专辑要发行,名字叫《Scaled And Icy》。粉丝们总结说,这还是游戏的一部分。




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