Tyler's Christmas party at 5:30pm Dec. 8. Ho Ho Ho.

Tyler is Santa now. On Dec. 7, a day before his Fortnite Tournament competition, Joseph took to Instagram and band Twitter (and asked Michael Gibson to tweet as well) to announce that he is holding a Christmas party at 5:30 p.m. est on Dec. 8 (aka 7:30 a.m. Dec. 9 in China & HK), where he will play Fortnite with Michael Gibson (Joseph's childhood friend, in case you don't know that already) and have a gift for each of us "at the end of the stream".

Tyler's Christmas Party: tomorrow at 530pm est.
and if you've been nice this year, I have a present for your at the end of the stream...
it's not a huge gift, more of a stocking stuffer.
ho ho ho

All donations and subscriptions will go to Make-A-Wish (a foundation they are working with). The party and the competition will be streamed on band Twitch account, as previously announced, twitch.tv/twentyonepilots. As you can see from their Twitch page, it's all Christmas styled.

Joseph joked that "kids about to get wrecked" when he join the competition. He also wanted to see how long his teammate Michael Gibson "can go without cursing" when Gibson's record is "3hrs" - so I guess the stream will at least be 3 hours, right?

Some clikkies voiced concerns over haters crushing his streaming, and suggested they limiting activities to "sub only" on Mark Eshleman's Discord channel. Mark replied with "don't give toxic people too much power".

evo (he/they) Today at 9:30 AM: Hey Mark, sorry to bring drama here (i don't wanna stress anyone out-) it's just that twitter is kinda Really bad right now towards Tyler, so i think for the livestream tomorrow sub only may be the best idea? Just a heads up, sorry to bother
ReelBearMedia Today at 12:02SM: hey evo I appreciate it. sometimes you need to zoom out and truly understand who is just being loud and how many people give a shit, you know? don't give toxic people too much power.

Tyler also changed his Instagram account avatar to what seems to be a childhood photo of his. Fans soon spotted (with Joseph's help) that there was a gift on the left with a note written "Clancy" on it, probably indicating that Clancy sent him a gift that Christmas. But we can never know.

got a 889 × 889 hd image

People also got suspicious about the live streaming background photo. They compare the style of the leaves to propaganda Christmas artwork.

So my guess here is, there will be some Christmas song to announce at the livestream.

泰勒现在是圣诞老人了。12月7日,在Fortnite锦标赛比赛的前一天,Joseph在Instagram和乐队Twitter上宣布(并邀请Michael Gibson也发推),他将在美国东部时间12月8日下午5:30(也就是中国&香港地区12月9日早上7:30)举行圣诞派对,届时他将和Michael Gibson(约瑟夫的童年好友,如果你还不知道的话)一起玩Fortnite,并在 "直播结束时 "为我们每个人准备一份礼物。

泰勒的圣诞派对:明天下午530pm est.如果你今年表现得很好,我有一个礼物给你,在直播的最后......这不是一个大礼物,只是塞在长筒袜裡面的。


约瑟夫开玩笑说,当他加入比赛时,"小孩子们會被輾壓"。他还想看看他的队友迈克尔-吉布森 "能忍住不爆粗 "多久,吉布森的记录是 "3小时"--所以我猜流媒体至少会有3个小时吧?

在Mark Eshleman的Discord频道上,一些Clikkies对傻子們破壞他的直播表示了担忧,并建议他们将活动限制为 "仅限訂閱者"。马克回答说:"不要给有毒的人太多权力"。

evo(他/他们)上午9点半。嘿,马克,很抱歉把鬧劇搬到這裡來(我不想给任何人压力) 只是Twitter现在对泰勒的很不好,所以我想明天的直播只限訂閱者可能是最好的主意?只是提醒一下,抱歉打扰了
ReelBearMedia 12:02SM:嘿,evo我很感激,有时候你需要看遠點,看一看谁的聲音更大聲,有多少人真的在乎,你知道吗? 不要给有毒的人太多权力。

泰勒还将自己的Instagram账号头像换成了似乎是他小时候的一張照片。粉丝们很快就发现(在约瑟夫的帮助下),左邊有一份礼物,上面写着 "克兰西 "的字条,可能说明克兰西在那年圣诞节给他送了一份礼物。但我们說不準。



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