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okay so here’s my thing about the moon thing: a thread

— top today (@top__today) April 29, 2018

– the eight different moon phases look almost like the eye closing/ opening, a full moon = eye open
– all of the layout and themes of the hiatus have included stars and space, almost hinting that the entire moon thing is correct

— top today (@top__today) April 29, 2018

– “east is up” = the moon rises in the east, as the sun goes down in the west. this could also mean tyler will attempt to sneak off of dema when “east is up” or a full moon, when he escapes = the end of silence altogether.

— top today (@top__today) April 29, 2018

– if nothing happens throughout the day tomorrow, expect around 8-8:30 pm est, when the sunsets in columbus

— top today (@top__today) April 29, 2018

“east is up” – 当月亮在东边升起,太阳在西边落下。在“东边升起”或者说满月之时,泰勒就会逃离德玛,也就是 silence 的终结之时。Google 上面可以查询到俄亥俄州的日落时间是 20:25 EDT UTC -4。也就是北京时间今天早上 8:25。

OK 其实这是昨天的推文。在“大事”并没有如期发生后,top__today 也说也许不是今天,因为今天不是严格意义上的满月。明天才是,所以注意明天的早上八点吧。

.@pganbarg says @twentyonepilots are working on new music. “Tyler is a genius. He knows exactly what he wants to do & exactly what he needs from me.” #musexpo #musexpo2018

— Music Week (@MusicWeek) April 29, 2018

大西洋唱片的 A&R 部门(艺人与制作部)主席 Pete Ganbarg 说 Twenty One Pilots 正在做新的音乐。“泰勒是个天才。他完全知道他想做什么、以及他想从我这里得到什么。”(当然,我们早就知道了) ​​​

twenty one pilots signed to label Fueled By Ramen 6 years ago today. They have since released the Platinum record Vessel, followed by the monumental 3X Platinum record Blurryface. They are among the label’s most successful and iconic acts, such as Panic! At The Disco & Paramore.

— TØP Updates (@topupdating) April 29, 2018

Twenty One Pilots 在六年前的今天和拉面工坊签约,成为旗下艺人。Vessel 和 Blurryface 都是在这一厂牌下作出的作品。 ​​​

whatchu doing boi

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另 Joshua Dun 在社交媒体上有了活动。