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今晚是美国时间 29 日。Twitter 上面 @ccandyart 查阅了 的源代码,发现一个尚未生效的更改,它们把首页替换成了一个 YouTube 视频控件,打开网站即会自动播放这一视频。(须翻墙才可显示图片)

i just received these screenshots from @ccandyart. if you don’t understand it whatsoever, they added a youtube player to‘s code to play a video automatically when entering the site. sunday/monday is looking better and better.

— top today (@top__today) April 28, 2018

另一消息是,jiriyko 在 Google Maps 上面把检索范围设定到俄亥俄州,然后搜索违规代码,搜索结果会出现 Promowest Productions,也就是 The Basement 和 Express Live 的公司。粉丝团体大感震惊并提议去实地探查一番。

WOAH LOOK, if you go to google maps and search, not in the whole world, but search the violation code in only ohio, it takes you to Promowest Productions AKA home of the basement and express live. y’all what the hell.

— top today (@top__today) April 29, 2018

以及这是我自己在 Google Maps 上面搜寻的结果。违规代码所代表的地标和 The Basement 和 Express Live 非常接近,形成一个三角结构。