Sina finally admitted they killed my account because I “violated the rules”

After shutting down my account without explaining anything, today Sina Weibo finally admitted that because I posted content that violated their rules, my account was permanently shut down.

Previously, Sina has always hidden behind "abnormal activities" without explicitly saying what my account's current status is and why.  after some research, my best guess is that they had to delete my account because it was ordered by the government. And all that I posted was a link to Dr. Ai's interview. Just that. And because of that, I  permanently lost connections with everyone that I had made connections with on Sina.

I guess you can say Sina didn’t  sensor my content fast enough. If they did, there would not be these consequences. But to be honest, who gave these "Internet police" the right to sneak around deleting people's online accounts without ever admitting to it? Why do you shut down my mouth then keep it a secret? It’s the behaviors of thieves. Like, show your faces, cowards.

Anyway. Merry Christmas.

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