Josh's clock and Tyler's joke scream for a March something date

LOC.TWENTYONEPILOTS.COM now plays the legendary video of Josh shutting down the music video, over and over again. And fans have noticed how the video started with the above scene for few seconds - a clock on the wall showed a time between 3:20 - 3:25. People think maybe it's a date - a March something date.

A weird joke in an Instagram story seems to be hinting something similar - Tyler joked his dad paid him "$14.3 million in Bitcoin to promote his book", which can be interpreted as he wanted to emphasize the date "March 14".

And I saw this tweet on weeks ago, which seemed like someone in the industry hinted a Spring 2021 release. Now it's coming together for me.

We don't know the exact date and the pilots doesn't seem to, either. We don't know if we can expect any news in March 2021, but I kind of believe so. I mean, it's all too obvious to be ignored.

Josh 的时钟和 Tyler 的笑话都暗示著3月某日的日期。


在Instagram的一个故事中,一个怪異的笑话似乎也在暗示着类似的事情--泰勒开玩笑说,他的父亲付给他 "1430万美元的比特币来宣传他的书",这可以理解为他想强调 "3月14日 "这个日期。



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