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Jay Joseph released his deput EP
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Jay Joseph released his deput EP

Jay Joseph, "the only talented Joseph", released his deput EP "Drywall" on March 5th, following the first single release "Gundabad" on Feb 10. Joseph showed off his rapping skills in this work unapologetically, even stating, "rapping on my own track - I don't need a kitchen sink".

Listen to "Drywall" on Apple Music:

Drywall - EP by Jay Joseph
Listen to Drywall - EP by Jay Joseph on Apple Music. Stream songs including “Drywall”, “Jumpman” and more.

"唯一有才华的约瑟夫" Jay Joseph 继 2 月 10 日发布首张单曲《Gundabad》后,又于 3 月 5 日发布了自己的代表 EP《Drywall》。Joseph 在这张作品中毫不掩饰地展示了自己的说唱技巧,甚至表示:"在自己的歌曲中说唱--我不需要厨房水槽"。

在Apple Music上收听 "Drywall":

Jay Joseph的《Drywall - EP》
在 Apple Music 聆聽Jay Joseph的《Drywall - EP》。串流〈Drywall〉、〈Jumpman〉等歌曲。