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日期:019 01MOON 22



克兰西在日记中描述了 Trench 之生活的艰难远超过他想象。Trench 是一个广阔之地,也是一个危险世界。他在日复一日的煎熬中意识到自己不能继续下去了。这时,有一天早上,凯恩斯主教出现了。克兰西情不自禁地感到欣喜。


克兰西回到了德玛城。他已经在这里待了一段时间了,但他还没有想明白,主教是好还是坏,德玛和 Trench 哪一个才是家。



I can’t face this page for long enough to write what I’m truly feeling. I am only wrought with more questions: Questions about what I assumed to be true, questions about what my own path is, and the question that has plagued me every night that I lie here, back in city: Did I give up?
The force I saw between him and his bishop seemed tense to me, and frightening. But the memory of that exchange has had time to faster and replay in my mind long enough that I’m questioning if I even remembered it correctly. I assumed the bishop was forcefully retriev-ing his subject, but I now wonder if the bishop was actually trying to save him, and he refused.
I stayed out there for five days after I watched it happened. I haven’t seen him since. Maybe he got away, and was still out in Trench with me. Maybe the bishop chased him down, and brought him home.
Did I just call this place ‘home?’
After all of the endless beauty that I saw out there, am I now convince-ing myself that I’m actually better off within these confines?
I admit, it was more difficult than I expected. Nothing could have prepared me for how much the ‘unknown’ can consume me. Vast landscapes and endless possibilities, yet coupled with endless danger. I became anxious. I became tired. I became hungry. Every step I took became harder than the last, jumping from jagged rocky step to step, or pull-ing myself through thick forest – it all became debilitating, and I was sure that I couldn’t go on.
Keons approached as the sus rose one morning. I wasn’t scared. I was relieved. After all that he had taught me, his presence was the most comforting moment that I had in days, and I couldn’t help but be happy to see him. In true Keons fashion, he wrapped his arms around me, then put bis hands under my face, looked me in the eyes, and said “Clancy, child, let’s go home.”
I’ve been here for a few weeks now, and while the routines of this world are comforting, and certainly easier than life out there, my mind keeps bouncing between the two places.
Which one is home? Are the bishops protecting me, and the torches upon the hilltops dangerous? Or is it the other way around? My dreams pull me from world to world, and I feel lost in between all of it.
There is still so much I do not understand.

目睹了这件事情的发生后,我在那里呆了五天。从那以后,我就没有见过他。也许他逃走了,还和我一同在 Trench 里面的某个地方。也许主教追到了他,把他带回家了。
我承认,那比我预期的要困难。我完全没有预料“未知”世界会如何消耗我。广阔的风景和无限的可能性,却与无尽的危险结合。我变得焦虑。我变得疲累。我变得饥饿。我走出的每一步都比上一步更难,一步步跨越锯齿状的岩石,以及穿越茂密的森林 – 一切都让我虚弱不看,我确信我不能继续下去。

另外,许多人指出,日记中被涂掉的字母连在一起是“sodeepnedbayou”。一种理论认为,这是歌曲《Nico And The Niners》末尾倒置的“We are banditoes”音频所发出的声音;另一种理论认为,“sodeepnedbayou” 实际上的意思是“So Deep Ned Bayou”,其中 Bayou 在英文中的含义是”河口“,Ned 则是《Chlorine》中不明生物的名字。via poot#6431 on discord